Which Witch Are You?

Are you a witch? And if you could be, what type would suit you? Take up this maxing quiz to get the best results.

What Type Of Witch Are You?

Are you a cosmic or an element witch? You're the combination of which witchcraft? It's time to know through this quiz!

Which Witch Are You Quiz:

If you could be a nasty and spooky witch, which one would you be? Take up this amazing and interesting quiz to get your answers!

Sea Witch

You're thirsty, thirsty for water. These witches can practice with any form of water, even with a glass of water! You're full of magic and charm. 

Cosmic Witch

You have a close connection to the solar system and its elements. Working in astrology, these witches practice maintaining a connection with the Earth.

Solitary Witch 

You're a loner, you like to be alone and isolated, doing things on your own. These witches practice alone, outside a coven.

Green Witch

You're more interested in nature and the environment, with historical roots. Your connection with mother earth is paramount. These witches like to practice in open, between nature.