Which Saint Are You?

Are you St. Joseph or St. Catherine? Your personality may or may not match with any of the saints. Take up this quiz to get the best results.

Which Catholic Saint Are You?

There have been many saints, including, martyrs and warriors. So what type are you? Rebellion or the one who takes things calmly and solves them without violence.

Which Saint Are You?

Hot to determine your own patron saint? Take up this interesting quiz to get your answers by choosing only 10 options! 

You resemble, St. Joseph 

You are the most obedient one and love your family a lot. You carry patience and are faithful to everyone close to you. 

You resemble, St. Valentine

A lover, you have a passion for love and beekeeping. You are pure at heart and try to love everyone around you, red is your color. You may get a lot of hints from Valentine's Day, Are not you?

You resemble, St. Patrick

You are really aware of your strengths and weaknesses. You know yourself more than you actually realize. You are empathic, persuasive, and have a strong vision of what you want to conquer.

You resemble, St. Agatha 

The protector of the weeks and ill. You make sure you provide the best ailment, that may be physically, mentally, or emotionally to people around you.