What Kind Of Philosopher Are you?

You could be a sexy as well as a Philosopher who consumes lots of drugs, so which one are you exactly? It's time to know that, now with this amazing quiz.

What Philosopher Suits You Best?

What kind of philosopher you could be, if you were one? This is the best place to find the answers. 

What Kind Of Philosopher Are you?

Are you a Woman philosopher or the kind who speaks in even syllables? Take up this quiz, answer some questions and get the best results!

The Kind Of Philosopher Who Does Drugs 

This individual is well-known. You are almost certainly a genius, with wonderful ideas in metaphysics, philosophy of religion, and other ethereal fields. You also have a strong preference for marijuana. Weed during the day, weed at night. The higher you climb, the better your ideas appear to you.

The Kind Of Philosopher who is an Athiest 

Philosophy, for you, is about demonstrating to others how rational they are. You are not like the rest of us who believe in mystical faeries like cause and effect, existence, or an all-powerful deity. You talk a lot in class, but usually to go on long rants about logical technicalities, and then look around the room and notice that everyone is tweeting about it.

The Kind of Philosopher Who Smell Bad

You are a philosopher because you are unlikely to find work elsewhere. Majoring in political science and English, but too kind and unambitious to succeed in that sector. You must have decided to become philosophers after reading Albert Schweitzer's essay "Reverence for Life" in high school. T