What House Should You Live In?

What House Should You Live In? A mansion, an apartment, or what? Take up the quiz to know what place will suit you the most.

What Type Of House Would You Like To Live In?

Are you a city or a country person? Do you like the hustle-bustle of the city or a peaceful life somewhere in the outers or mountains? What's the exact type of house, that would suit your personality, know that in seconds!

What House Should You Live In Quiz:

Take up this amazingly extraordinary quiz to know what type of house suits you and you should live in?


You like the city and the fast-paced life there. A modern apartment with a different style and comfort is your ideal house. 


A luxury life with loads of rooms, a walk-in closet, and a big swimming pool! You wanna live big and healthy.


You like to live in peace, maybe a cabin in the mountains or along the waters is your idea of comfort and happiness. 

Single Family Detached House

You're a family person. Wherever, however, and whatever are the conditions of living as far as they are comfortable you are ready to live there, all you need is your family to be with you!